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Britney was mentioned in a training I was in at work today

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So I was in a training session at work today about presentation skills, and the trainer asked us to answer some questions in a presentation for a couple minutes. One of the questions we were supposed to answer was which celebrity we dislike the most. The first guy that went up said Britney. He didn't really give much of an explanation other than he started hating her after the "leave Britney alone" video came out, which makes no sense to me??? :zoomzoom:

Anyways, as soon as he said Britney, me and the girl next to me were like, "What??" and another guy was like, "how can you hate Britney?"

The trainer noticed our reaction and said, "Wow, I didn't know people still listen to her," and the girl next to me was like, "yeah she's in Vegas."


If anyone cares, I said the celebrity I dislike most is Kanye West because he's so arrogant and annoying (it was ironic because the guy who went right before me said his was Kim Kardashian lol)

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Just now, MeowBurglar said:

That moron doesn't know WTF he's talking about.


He either just named the first celebrity he thought everyone else would hate   or

the first celebrity that came to mind



He's a closeted Britney fan and wanted to test the waters :letitburn:

LMAO. Probably. He was subtly dragged for it, so he probably won't try that **** again :nobitch:

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i feel sorry for ppl who hate her. it's like, are you still stuck in the 2002 faze where u were jealous of the hot blonde who came out? or are u just a bitter *** nobody who hates on her cause shes pop music? poor souls, seriously. 

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The original reason people started to hate Britney was because they enjoyed seeing somebody so perfect fall... I think that seeing Britney not care what people think only makes people more aggravated. I think that people are annoyed by the fact that she is a celebrity who doesn't care about what they think


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