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So I'm listening to "Revival" and...

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12 minutes ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

I don't get the comparison.  Like at all.  I love it as an album but they sound nothing a like.  Am I missing something here?  I know Britney herself said it but... :rude2me:

Britney said '' invitation'' was inspired by revival didn't say the album was:yaknow: and Glory has more lights of In The Zone than revival itself:lolnoworries:

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1 minute ago, The_Original_Toy said:


like I see similarities between Slumber Party and Side to Side a long with Everyday and Love Me Down

literally I could go on about the two albums :verycool:

Yeah and even Just Love Me sounds like it could fit very good on Dangerous Woman. Vice Versa with Let Me Love You on Glory. 

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Well, some songs like Invitation, Just Luv Me or Private Show sound a lot like Revival. Britney's voice is obviously different and more special so it won't sound the same, but you can notice the inspiration coming from Revival.

Change Your Mind is Britney's Me & My Girls too. No seas cortés vs No jodas, nosotras :bey: 

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Invitation, Just Luv Me, Man On The Moon reminded me of revival when I first heard them tbh:bigtime: 

Private Show, Slumber Party reminded me of Dangerous Woman :carpoolney:


& Better reminded of JB's Purpose... :feelingmyself:

It made me very happy because those 3 albums are FLAWLESS and Selena, Justin and Ari are literally (some of my favorite) and the hottest artists right now tbh:bootyney: 

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