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Is Ooh La La Britney's most relevant pop song?


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1 hour ago, Chico101 said:

Slay at Oh La La getting a better video than Make Me. 



sadly its true :awks:

47 minutes ago, PARKBOM said:

why are you guys still making ooh la la threads?? :whitneyshade:


embarrassing :eeek:

The question is: why not?


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41 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

I've always thought the same. I think all these "inhibitions" she's showed the last few years are to give a certain impression to the judge or the conservators, her dad? whatever, but yeah. I totally think so.

But that's not an excuse for the cheap tings like these videos, Ooh La La, Make Me..., Perfume, etc. And the worst thing is that probably they aren't even that cheap, it's just bad taste, bad editing, bad decisions, that make them look so bad. I genuinely believe when she says she doesn't like to listen to her own songs or watch her videos, but I wish someone would sit her down and force her to watch at least a compilation of her music videos through the years, her best performances, her interviews, photoshoots, etc. Maybe that's what's missing right now, she needs to make click with her past self and find again that spark that made her do all those amazing videos, performances, choreos years ago.

Yeah it's all a lot of contrite lawful actions on Britney's part or advice she has been given from Larry or her father. I don't think Britney would be doing it for her father though, she will cull him when she gets the chance IMO. It just sucks that she has to do this, period. It's detrimental to her career and legacy in all honesty and she probably knows this. She will work twenty times harder when she gets her freedom back methinks. 


I agree, it's totally not an excuse. But Britney seems to think it's a necessity. And for all we know it possibly could be. The judges would see a more sexualized Ooh La La or deeper more meaningful video as deprecating to her as a person in the law, the same might have gone for the Make Me video. The original might have been too over-sexualized for Britney image in the conservatorship. And with Perfume it's pretty self-explanatory, the gun and any violence or video showing Britney as the protagonist of violence, *** or anything of a dark or negative nature as detrimental to her position in the law. THIS ALL JUST SUCKS. 


You're right, her team is so cheap and flippant in their decision regarding Britney's career. They don't treat Britney like the legend she is. They are treating her so much better in the UK than they do in the US. I wonder why they're allowed to do this in the UK and not USA? You're right, they make her look bad in our eyes, but also we are (in my opinion) not the only ones watching her closely and judging her every move. She is one of the world most restricted, limited, monitored and silenced celebrities in the world. And you can see it in the way she acts still. Sure she has become more comfortable and the spark is showing again but she's holding back. She's not going out there without reservation. There's something happening and it really is sad to see because here is the wonderful, beautiful and talented lady who has a lion-heart and spirit of strength and kindness and they have labelled her inadequate, mindless, unable to self manage and a person who should be restrained. 


Yes I agree with you, if she watched her videography and listened to her discography she would honestly only benefit from it. I think she's starting to either look at pictures of her old self or maybe she just happens to be in similar shape to her old self, but whatever it is her image is benefiting from it. I don't know I agree with you but I also couldn't imagine being an artist and judging my old looks, performances and songs. It would either be a good learning experience or reductive to my growth I could see. I can actually see Cade showing Britney old performances, dancing old routines and casually reminding Britney who she is. But then again maybe he does none of this and that's what Britney likes about him... 

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