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Fans From The First Era?

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Guest StrawberryKisses

Original here. I left her in 2002 after Crossroads :crying4: But now I'm back to my baby :brityes:. Of course I still knew about her and listened to her singles after 2002, but I just grew out of her. I had a regressive period mid this year and rediscovered her through Glory after a girlfriend of mine told me to have a listen.

I remember buying the Sometimes CD single :crying1: Good days.

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7 minutes ago, radar89 said:

I basically grew up with Britney. I spent my high school year with BOMT, Oops, Britney and ITZ. Spent my college years with Blackout and Circus. Now I'm working and have Femme Fatale and Glory to get me through the working days :carpoolney:

hahaha ... the same :cooltshirt:

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4 minutes ago, OCBoy1985 said:


I will say that back then I was just  infatuated with her, liked all her jams, but after the JT blow up an the way the media turned then the dark days,  my loyalty switched to just 100% for her and I saw her in a new way not just for the ****  sweaty dance her *** off in Slave or any  performance, but someone who fought for everything she had an changed the game in pop :verycool:

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14 minutes ago, RezaCody said:


GORL - I've been here since october 1998 - being an 8 year old in my mommas back seat and hearing the ICONIC 3 piano riff of BOMT on the radio... and it was history since then 


It started with Sometimes and Crazy for me!!

 I was 12 years old when Britney 1st SLAYED me LOL 

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