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Britney's problem: her team. She needs a new one and here is why.


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They, her team, don't give her the Icon Status she deserves. They treat her as if she was a new artist travelling around doing this crappy promo interviews here and there in a "promotion mode" routine that she shouldn't be doing.

I get why people like Fifth Harmony travel around going from radio station to radio station talking about life and play stupid games, they are young and new, but BRITNEY IS BRITNEY. She's a ******* icon. A Living Legend. Yall get me?

She should be doing exclusive shows only and if she is to do "cheap shows" then just do a couple of sketches/recorded short videos but not this uncontrolled interviews where her PR has to intervene or reprecorded live stuff they have to edit and make it all awkward.

They are so awkward I can't. I mean she doesn't need to come to London for a week and do a promo spree of 10 interviews in her hotel + 10 appearences in radios + 5 tv shows. Why? Just get her an exclusive appearence on a couple of COOL shows with a lot of audience and then a few GIGS and that is it. She is on another level plus she's not your average popstar, a lot of drama is probably behind. That's my opinion.

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4 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

We need all the promo we can get.  I'm happy she is doing so many. Great exposure 

I know I love seeing her but some of this promo is so cheap and crappy and you can't tell she is NOT comfortable. That is why I think she needs to CHOOSE the promo she wants to do.

Just now, lali92 said:

Is it her team whos going on stage with complete lip syncing paired with weak dance routine?

I know she's improving, but don't blame everyone but her.

Her team is being very cheap. They are not ambitious at all.

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Those aren't really the reasons I care about. 


Her team sucks because:

a) they don't push her to be better, let's be real Britney has unreached potential and she needs better coaches

b) they are cheap as ****

c) they essentially "own" her if you include Jamie on her team

d) they sensor everything she does as if she's a incompetent child

e) they are out of touch w/ the current generation & tactics to appeal to them - Beyoncé is the same damn age yet it never comes up negatively like it does with Brit

f) they don't seem to prioritize her status as a legend ie not sending more than 5 copies of Glory to stores 


I realize Britney has some control over this which is annoying. But still a new damn team would do wonders.(i.e. Bey leaving her father behind as manager did wonders for her career). Unfortunately I think she'll be w/ Larry and the It Just Didn't Works forever.

Her comment that Larry signs off on what music is good   :embarrassney:DEAD 

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Her team plays it safe with the vegas thing cause thats whats pulling in money and driving her stock. I'm guessing they let her do whatever they want with this album because they know her live performances are still mostly her old hits and 'vegas' promo, and if she gets a new hit cool but they arent gonna put lots of money into promoting the new material because why take a risk when they can rely on her catalogue to bring ppl to sold out shows at hundreds of thousands dollars a pop. 

If we don't get a second and third single/decent videos, i swear to god man.....i swear to god......

ps. realize u were talking more about interviews but thats been on my mind lol

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1 hour ago, Cookie Lyon said:

No ****!

I cannot believe y'all had to wait for her to actually say it. All the signs were there! All of them!

Her teams won't let her go, because all these men are enjoying controlling her

Looks like they are sucking her bank account dry as well

How did she go from 150 million in 2011 to "63" million in 2016!!!?


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Are you for real? This is not the problem, ****, even ******* Madonna does this kind of promo and she's the Queen of Pop.

The problem is that her team is ******* **** and give her cheap costume designers, cheap choreographers and stuff. And also, I know this is a hot topic, but I feel like she needs to get out of the conservatorship. It was helpful at the beginning but now she's clearly capable of doing stuff on her own. I mean, even if it's not that apparent in her everyday life, it's still here. I feel like the only reason the conservatorship is still a thing is because there's people that take advantage of her money and that's really sad tbh 

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I just want her to be free and fire everyone!! so sick they get her money for doing nothing! 
Britney is a free spirit, it was horrible what they did to her in 09-2012 
now she's better but control is still there. I wish there was a hell just for people who came out with c-ship for her and allowed this to happen 
her sister needs to fight for Britney, I think she's the only one who gets nothing from c-ship and genuinely wants Britney to be free 

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She needs new team thats obvious. She has legendary status and she is still can do big things. She needs team that will push her, inspire her to become better and better by letting her do the things she want. And her team is cheap, doesn't know how to fight harder for amazing video or direct something close to scrapped ones. 

She needs better choreographers, better creative team. Current Britney shines like diamond, she needs people who will let her shine instead of being lazy

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