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Why is Britney so disrespected?

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I'm not just talking in terms of the music industry but in general.

She's always the brunt of jokes, she gets laughed at for her meltdown and no one takes her seriously as an artist.

Now I can understand why she isn't as respected as she should be in terms of the music industry and its down to one thing. She lip syncs. Everyone thinks she can't sing and that she gets help from technology to sound good on her albums which ofc we as fans know isn't true but the GP haven't heard her live since 2004 what else can we expect?

But one thing I really don't get is how the GP don't really acknowledge her impact on the music industry. Yeah she doesn't have the best voice, but she IS an icon and she has had a major impact on music and in more ways than she is credited for. The fact her career alone will be remembered in 20 years time is enough proof imo and for a pop star to still be in the game 18 years after her debut is amazing. A lot of people don't realise how many trends she started in terms of music/fashion/performances etc. I mean look at the amount of pop acts that copy her now and no I'm not naming any names :angietea:

But its not just in the music industry that she isn't respected but in general. Since her breakdown people still think its OK to make fun of her for having personal issues that unfortunately for her played out in the public eye. And I don't get why people think it is 'uncool' to listen to her. Why do they still think she makes bubblegum music? What because she had a breakdown its 'embarrassing' to listen to her?

I know I won't be the first to mention the issue but it really does bug me that she doesn't get the respect she deserves, half the shitty pop stars these days wouldn't have a career to base off of without Britney.

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I don't know about her prime but since breakdown she didn't sing at all and her singles were mostly about *** so GP thinks she is famous for nothing because there's a lot of singers like this 
she didn't perform at award shows and didn't show her dancing talent 
backlash at circus tour was real (with gum chewing etc)
GP doesn't listen to her albums and watches only what she does now (if she does) so they don't know or don't remember her 98-2004 impact 

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she's a 'pop girl' that got insanely popular for being **** yet virginal (along with her incredible talent as a singer/performer but i mean that was her image)...easy to be butt of the jokes...i remember BOMT/OOPS she got hate just for being bubblegum pop...

remember this is when blink 182, green day, 90's/early 2000's punk **** was popular. avril lavigne described herself as the 'anti britney'. she was **** and that was like, mocked a bit. remember blink 182 did the music video parodying pop music. and they parodied the sometimes video.

and then kevin federline, and 07 happened...and late night comedians had some **** to say.......and then i feel like since then ppl think of her as The Britney Brand and I think that's as a result of the c-ship. Ppl know the constraints she is under and i think constantly wonder what is real and what her team makes her do. 

She is legit as **** and haters gonna hate. She has always made headlines and therefore will always be criticized. I think ppl love to hate her cause she is beautiful and blonde. 

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Just now, britney_rocks said:

Because Beyonce usually puts on performances that gets respect from the GP.

Yet there is no single one that is iconic :queenflopga:

Britney is not disrespected. A lot of people like her but many also hate her (many of them pretend to be a "fan" and complain the whole time in Exhell :queenflopga:). An iconic figure is always polarizing

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I think it's mostly because they think she doesn't have any talent. Every time she does a televised event  (BBMA's, VMA's for example) she lip-syncs and her dancing is for the most part basic. 

The BBMA's were the best she's done in a long time, but a long with the lip-sync it just doesn't cut it in today's industry. 

Until she proves them wrong they'll always think she's a talentless product. She seems to like that image people have of her, because she does nothing to change it.

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