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"Make me" was supposed to be her next #1

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Ok, I'm not that much into charts and positions but I was thinking about it. Here's Make me's chart history:

Week 1 #17

Week 2 #52

Week 3 #67

Week 4 #43

Week 5 #51

Week 6 #58 (September 10)

Week 7 #17 (September 17)

Week 8 #33 (current)

... as we know plans were forced to be rushed because of the leaks and the song was released before than it was planned. Maybe the song was supposed to be out by August before the Vma's but then the scrapped MV mess (which maybe didn´t help that much but it was supposed to cause hype among fans and GP) + by this time, the song had already around 1 month from being released so it obviously went down on the chart.

I don't know how many exact copies were sold but if we combine the ones from September 17 (which was her biggest increase after the Vma's) plus, the ones she actually sold on the release week maybe that average amount of copies was the one supposed to be her #1 or a top 5 at least. I hope her team learnt the lesson and make good plans IN ADVANCE for the next single. 

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Kinda seems like they DID have a plan far in advance, with the iTunes banner, MV, radio promo, Ellen, carpool, VMAs, etc. But that was the problem, they ended up releasing the single ahead of scheduled promo due to gradual leaks.

What they need to consider in the future is a contingency plan in case of leaks (which in Britney's case seems to be inevitable at this point). 

I don't feel there was any lack of effort on her team's part. But that's just me.

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1 minute ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

The video drama affected everything imo, it was the leading weeks before Make Me dropped that this whole mess of reshooting happened and it just altered the plans they had in store. We'll never know what really happened. 

Well, this much we do know. :overitkbye:

"that version, which leaked in low-quality form in early July, was withdrawn by RCA, which stated the video "is not a suitable representation of the song." After undergoing reshoots, the final version of "Make Me" arrived Friday. "--- RollingStone


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