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Carpool Karaoke question

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Just now, radar89 said:

If we failed with petition to have the original Make Me video get released, what makes you think we could do otherwise with a Carpool video :tiffeyeroll:

Because it's just carpool karaoke. I feel like it's not as complicated as having to deal with an "official" music video and big name directors like David lachapelle or even the label.

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3 hours ago, naturalplayboy said:

lol I just feel like James cordon is the nice kind of person that'll listen to fans if it gains traction.

but if it's because Britney's team thats c*ck blocking the footage that's another's story

He's annoying and arrogant, she always tries to overshadow the guest artist, maybe he just didn't want Britney to shine, he's talked **** about her before. 

i don't like him. :wannadie:

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