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Is Slumber Party better than Toxic, POM, Circus, TTWE?


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5 hours ago, PieceofBritney said:

TTWE is iconic? If there hadn't been a video for it...you wouldn't have even remembered it now as an average song tbh. You can't judge Slumber party just yet when it doesn't have a video. 

TTWE is iconic. it is the song the gave Britney the come back she planned in the FF era. 

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3 hours ago, jamesblue said:

Better than twe and circus maybe. Toxic? No. Only GM can compete with toxic and toxic would still win

Circus?  Legend song. :umomg:

:leaving: "one" promo performance and min. 6.5 million copies sold.  When will Slumber Party. :hairflip:

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7 hours ago, nels64 said:

I think it's still too soon to call anything from the FF era iconic. More time needs to pass...although Work ***** is definitely iconic already...but I think that's because Britney took a saying that was already said a lot and made it her own.

I personally like Slumber Party better than all those songs except Toxic obviously because Toxic is her best song. Always will be.

Yes, slumber party is not better than toxic because toxic is a unique piece, but slumber party is distinctive by itself nothing on britney catalog sounds like slumber party is a song that could be easy recognize with the first chords

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Till the world ends is the most generic song of all times, so yes. 

I didn't know Circus was that iconic tbh

Slumber Party is not basic. The production of the song is so juicy and the final trumpets are beyond amazing. Nobody knows if any song of Glory would top Toxic or Pom, time will tell.

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Btw, I see all of you using the word ICONIC. Do you know what iconic means? Because if you say Circus/TTWE are iconic, you clearly don't know what the word "iconic" means. They are icons of what? Because BOMT, Toxic, Gimme More, Oops are icons of pop music because of their legacy and impact on the audience, and specially because they greatly survived to the passing of time. So, when using the word iconic, educate urself previously. TTWE and Circus can be fan fav, but that's all.:ricackle:

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1 minute ago, nels64 said:

Iconic for visuals/lyrics/music:







Iconic for lyrics/music:







Work *****


Not at all. These songs are not iconic honey. You guys have to differentiate between fan favs and iconic. Her iconic songs are BOMT, Oops, Slave, Toxic and Gimme More, and probably Womanizer. After Womanizer or even GM, Britney hasn't had any iconic song, maybe fan favs. Vogue, Like a Virgin, Hung Up, Thriller, Bad, Can't get you out of my head and so on, are iconic songs of pop history, do you really think that Crazy, Everytime, Circus are at the same level honey? Not, they are not. They are fan favs, that's all. 

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10 minutes ago, nels64 said:

I mean iconic in terms of recognizable by the public...everyone knows and loves Crazy, everyone knows and loves Lucky, everyone knows I'm Not a Girl, everyone knows and loves Everytime, Gimme More and Piece of Me aren't iconic because of their visuals...everyone knows them...I mean Piece of Me is recognizable enough that it's used as a title for Britney's entire Vegas show. 

Womanizer is iconic because of the video and it was a "return to form" for Britney...I'm not just saying these songs because they're my favorites...because a lot arent...I'm saying it because they are still equally recognizable lyrically by the GP and loved. 

Circus the song isn't iconic perse...it's more of the tour and the era and the subject of a circus...everyone remembers that period of time...so I didn't really know how to include that.

None of the songs on FF are iconic as of right now...but one song that has become rather recognizable is Work *****...it didnt perform all too well...but Britney managed to take a very popular term and somehow make it hers...so now whenever someone says Work ***** it refers to Britney...and I think that especially ties into her being "Britney *****"...

Anyhow iconic doesn't just mean visuals...there are definitely songs that are still "iconic" in terms of...they are very recognizable...you play Crazy, Lucky, Everytime everyone is going to know the words to them...and everyone has positive connotations to them...

Not a Girl is still very much remembered and made fun of, Gimme More because of "Britney *****" and POM more so in the same vein as Circus. 


What do you mean by everyone? Where are you from?

Circus, Crazy, Lucky, Everytime even POM are just known by her fan base, or by pop fans. I know some many people who have no idea about Circus at all, or even Lucky. Maybe Crazy's chorus is recognizable, but that's all. Gimme More as you said is bc of "it's Britney *****", the vma's performance everyone remembers. POM is not acknowledged by the GP. 

Worldwide these songs are not recognizable, I mean, you can guess it's Britney bc of the voice, but you are not going to sing it along. BOMT, Oops and Toxic are her most iconic songs, that everyone really, really KNOWS. Everyone knows BOMT, Oops and Toxic lyrics. Slave is iconic bc of the vma's performance EVERYONE knows, the choreo, made the song iconic. And again, Gimme More is at the same level of Slave. 07's chaos, vma's performance, the video, the sentences "it's britney *****" etc made that song iconic. Womanizer? 50/50. But the rest are not iconic, they can be excellent, fan favs, or great pop songs. But not Iconic. Nor even Madonna have this amount of iconic songs. 

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