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The amount of effort people will put in to LIE though..


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6 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Britney's team does this every era though. They always over hype everything. 


Edit: my bad, I just realized this is some tool needing attention, not her team.

Larry did say the album was like Britney meets the weekend. Mood ring may be the closest to that. Makes me want to hear more because the album obviously didn't finish in that direction. Which is fine but I still want to hear those songs 


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5 hours ago, makemeslay said:

y'all shoulda known this was a big fat lie when he said there was a version coming out specifically for Spotify. :orangu: why would they make an extra track for Spotify? That makes zero sense.

Except Circus had a bonus track for Spotify (& Mexico and Musicload.de), Rock Boy.

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