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MM increased big time after Today Show!


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9 minutes ago, iammaffyou said:

I am a stupid *****, hmm. Well I am a neuroscientist so I don't think I am stupid. *****? Maybe but judging from our avatars you got me beat on that. ;) 

omg got him dragged so bad :gloria:

u know what? These people are delusional so whatever u say they will see what they wish

ive said it ill say it again 

choreos for both songs are COMIC like a parody Britney does the job instead of those youtubers out there

She didnt help it either,idk her energy was better with DYWCO on PoM shows

Some people need to say this to her, her other performances for different songs such as Gimme More,BTI and BoM are way better than those things she did on tv today

Knee Tapping is iconic tho coming for ur faves wig



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