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David Brody producer from Elvis Duran Show Hates Britney


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Guy who produces Elvis Duran show is talking **** about Britney on twitter, saying he knows an artist and Britney isnt one. Says she is **** and dances like a zombie and can't sing and has never written a song. Brings up Gaga, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Adele,Chris Martin as examples of good artists. His name is David Brody. He is on twitter. Thats why they don't play Britney's songs because one of their main people hates Britney. He straight up hates her. The Erica girl dj was defending Britney but he would here none of it. 

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She wouldnt still be here if she didnt have any talent. You can only go so far with sleeping your way around but if the gp is not interested in you then you are disposable abd another ***** would just take your place. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen but its the charisma of that individual that draws people in. Britney was made to be a star.

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