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Where is her VMAs picture with her bff Cade Hudson?


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he was so jamming to her while sitting next to Naomi Campbell and after Joe Jonas :gobaby:

he even looked at Joe Jonas before she starts performing and tell him smth like 'here she is!!!' :gobaby: it makes me question... is Joe Jonas gay or just a stan? :omg: 'cause he is obviously friend of Cade, along with his band DNCE. :carpoolney:

anyway, he was so feeling for her!!! 


Britney and Cade probably took a picture together, don't you think?

we need it asap :lessons:

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Just now, annalai23 said:

Yea~he's been so supportive of Britney! he screamed her name at least twice before she performed, and even recording her performance with his phone.... hope they did take pictures together~~ They're sitting not that far away from each other, did they?

i don't think so...

anyway, she should have been next to him since she is her best friend. but yeah i understand she was by her assistants 

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