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I just listened to GLORY and I am slayed! (Review inside)

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So, I finally got to hear Glory, and I had the most wonderful experience. This album is incredible and Britney sings as we have never heard her sing before. There are a lot of flavors, styles and melodies in this record. It’s so eclectic and versatile, artsy fartsy, as described by the Queen herself. Here is my track-by-track review:


. Invitation: The record opens with a futuristic vibe. This song gave me Bionic teas, in a good way. The first time I listened to this song I didn’t know what to think. The ah-ah-ah chanting is the distinctive element which in my opinion gives the song its special and unique taste. Finally a well-put out chorus! The chorus is everything.

. Do you wanna come over?: Love the beat of the beginning, and honestly the title of the song is very intriguing in a good way. The title gave me country vibes before listening to the tune, which turned out to be more of a club banger, if anything. Even though I love the song, it’s one of my least favourites on the record. I believe the chances are this will be the next single, since Britney added to POM and both her and her kids love it. I think it could work as a single. 

. Make me: All I gotta say after listening to the whole album is, what a good choice for first single! The song is unique and very original, and it gives a taste of what you can find throughout Glory. The beat is sick. Britney sounds natural, **** and raw. Only Queen B can use such an outdated expression (Raise my roof) and sound fresh and new.

. Private show: This one’s one of my favourites off the record, together with What you need. I can’t believe most people in here don’t like it. I think it’s highly underrated. Lots of you complained that she didn’t sing, and once she does, you start the bashing. The high-pitched vocals sound amazing and make you wanna dance in a pole ala Flashdance. She sounds like she’s having fun and that’s why this is a personal favourite. The laugh at the end got to be the BEST PART OF THE WHOLE RECORD. It gives me Back to basics teas. 

. Man on the moon: Cardcaptor Sakura teas. This song is cheesy, but in a good way. Not a favourite, but the lyrics and melody are out of this world. Judging by all the comments in here, I was expecting a ballad ala And then we kiss/Trip to your heart, but this song is nothing like it. The lyrics are the best of the song, in my opinion. The verses are amazing. The ‘mooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oooooon’ chant is addictive. It’s one of those songs you either love or hate, and I’m definitely loving it. I like that it’s original and something Britney has never done before. She really took a risk with this one. The Armstrong and moon references are amazing. Historyney came to educate us all. Hats off!

. Just luv me: I’m all team JLM. Seriously, this one is SICK. It gave me Justin Bieber vibes, and I don’t even like him that much. Even though the song does not contain her best vocals on the record, there’s something about it which makes it stand out. The lyrics are simple and great. Not sure if it would work as a single. I’m just glad we finally got to hear it. It's in my top 3 Glory songs, but this could change. 

. Clumsy: How I roll teas. Circusney is BACK. Circus is not one of my favourite albums, but this song souns like a Circus b-side. It’s fun, outrageous and weird in its own unique way. Love the vocals and the fierceness in her voice. The Oops! Part is one of the best moments of the record. I love the sense of urgency the song has. I would love to see a music video and/or performance of this one, but I highly doubt it will happen. One of my favourites off Glory. Highly underrated around here. 

. Slumber party: I can see why most of you love it. This is probably the one that would work as a single best. Although it’s not one of my favorites, it’s definitely one of the standout tracks. It has that hit element, you can tell. The reggae vibes are all over, and I was suddenly transported to a desert island. Now where the hell is my drink?

. Just like me: The ‘She’ll never be me’ lost sister. The lyrics are the best, and also her vocals. I love that it doesn’t have too much of a production. It’s raw and simple, and Britney’s voice sounds natural and clear.

. Love me down: Gwen teas all over. I can see why most of you like it. Not sure how it would work as a single. It reminds me of Ooh ooh baby, in a good way. It has a sense of urgency, and it gives me military teas. Again, not one of my favorites but definitely one of the highlights.

. Hard to forget ya: This one is highly underrated round here. It definitely didn’t get the amount of praise and attention it deserves. It gives me Britney (album) teas. Overprotected and bombastic love combined. I am suddenly taken back to the 2000s and I’m loving it. Britney’s voice souns unmanipulated, and that’s a good thing. It also reminded me of Crossroads a little.

. What you need: Shame on all of you for not liking this masterpiece. You should all burn in Hell and listen to Brenda Joan for like, 22 hours a day. Britney is singing good, real good. I love that she is experimenting with her voice. I hate how some people say she is trying to be someone she is not. She is just at a point where she is no longer trying to make something cool for radio or anything, and she just picks songs that go well with her personality and current moment of her life, and that is always appreciated. A moody, sophisticated tune. It gave me Duffy teas. It’s Private show’s twin sister. Churchney slayed me, and I was so not ready.

. Better: Just WOW. Lean on teas. I love the Caribbean vibe I’m getting. If I were to imagine Britney on Hawaii with her songs listening/dancing to one of Glory’s tunes,, this would be it. It’s a summer jam that screams hit! I can’t believe this is in the deluxe edition. The ‘so good, so good, so damn good’ part gives me life. I will play it non-stop this summer.  

. Change your mind: Flamenconey came to teach us some Spanish on this one. I love the uniqueness and sexuality of this song. It’s very sensual, but not in-your-face ***, as other Britney tunes. This one sounds like an In the zone 2016 b-side, if such thing were to exist.

. Liar: This is one of my favorites. No question it’s about Justin. I just love her aggressive approach to the song, and the way her voice sounds. It reminded me of the Womanizer verses. The chorus is very powerful. It would be the perfect second single and I can’t help but think that, if chosen as first single, we would have a totally different era. This could really, really work with the general public. It’s like old-schoolney but with a 2016 twist. Pop perfection.

. If I’m dancing: Experimentalney at her best. How I roll and The beat goes on (from Baby) teas. It’s gotta be the most experimental song on the record. On that note, it’s also one of my favourites. It could be a Circus b-side. The chorus reminds me of Mannequin verses. I love the rhythm and melody of the tune. I just wish it was included on the standard edition. Too damn short. One of my favourites.

. Coupure électrique: What an exquisite way of closing an album! Frenchney got me all worked up! I see this being a part of a suspense movie, or the next 50 Shades of Grey. I don’ speak French but I can if you like. I just hope I am able to learn the lyrics perfectly, like I always do with every Britney song, only this one’s in a different language.



All in all, it’s a very cohesive record. I just love the fact she took risks this time around. It’s very very different form everything she’s done previously, and I love that. Unlike her previous two albums, this is definitely a conceptual one. You can see Britney loves it and that she was very involved in the process, the way she was back in 2004, when In the zone was brought to life. I just can’t wait to see what else awaiten us this era! I really hope the next single is Just luv me or Slumber party, but I have a feelinf it will be DYWCO. I don’t see Man on the moon being successful as a single. I’m just glad the album is exquisite enough and hopefully it will still sound fresh two years from now. What an amazing time to be a Britney stan. BRITNEY IS BACK!

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