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How many copies of GLORY have you purchased?


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How many copies of GLORY have you purchased?

I bought 3 physical Deluxe in Amazon (1 Clean and 2 Explicit) 3 separate transactions of course :hype:

2 copies of the Vinyl from Britney's online store

1 from FYE store

1 from FYE online that comes with a free post card i think :)

2 Deluxe Explicit from Target.com (2 separate transactions)

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2 minutes ago, BritintheZone said:

8 digital on iTunes . One on fye that i am waiting to arrive:boredashell: gift like 10+ 

and still debating if i should get it on amazon( digital and physical):quirkney:

i think i went overboard but idc 


FLAWELSS.  We wont be getting another albums, god know when, Lets enjoy this ERA.. and ALBUM!!!!!!

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1 minute ago, LionHeart said:

4 Explicit Deluxe from Amazon (Us)

1 Japanese Deluxe (Explicit) from CDJapan

1 Itunes Explicit Deluxe

LP ver preordered


More coming Soon, i want Europe ver as well andmaybe Taiwan


I might order the Japanese version. I have to look for it now. :scalped:

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