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"Glory" predicted to chart at #3! Before you freak...

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After the first day of sales "Glory" is expected to debut at #3 with sales+streaming of 105-115k copies (Britney Jean sold 106,000 in 2013). Since 2013 the album market has continued to deteriorate so the fact that "Glory" is expected to sell at least as many copies as "Britney Jean" did is good. 

ALSO, we have a little something called the VMAs coming tomorrow which FGL and Barbara does not have which might squeeze out an extra 5-10k! 

Overall the success of "Glory" will be determined on its staying power in the upcoming weeks. If she continues to promote (we know she has Iheart and Apple performances lined up) This album should definitely surpass the total of Britney Jean and who knows what will happen! 

Quality over quantity my friends! 

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i've literally had my work laptop streaming glory all weekend so far (and probably until monday morning). and before you ask, i plugged in an old pair of headphones so it's NOT on mute and WILL count!

but as people here have mentioned...

a. i don't see how they can make predictions after only one full day of sales/streaming

b. i would be fine with a #3 debut. ever since her #1 streak ended with blackout and then she didn't get a #1 with BJ, i don't really care about the chart position anymore. this time around it's about quality over quantity, and she really delivered. critics are loving it, and that's what i cared about with this album. not necessarily the numbers, but quality music getting the respect it deserves.

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1 minute ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Sure, that's why you took time to downvote my comment :moorangu:

I downvoted you for shading optimistic fans. Ain't getting no where with that attitude. Maybe she WILL debut with 200k?? :orly: Not likely. But miracles happen. ;) 

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