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Long time lurker...glory

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Not a stan but I do love me some brit. This new album is ******* awsome. I have not skipped one track and thats rare for me on allmost any cd. Love every track! This cd is up with in the zone, Blackout and FF for me.  Its funny cause my kids were into brit when they were little but not really anymore, I was still buying her cd's and **** way after they had moved on, actually my youngest is getting back into her due to the new cd. She has and impressive catalog. Im a huge madonna fan like from before she was huge till now, and I think Brit is right up there with madonna in terms of staying power and her icon status. They have cemented their legacys. Of course she has her own style etc. This new cd is really well produced, well written and she sounds ******* amazing. Glad to see her getting back to the stuff she enjoys doing musically. You can def hear that with the new songs. I think there are alot of tracks that the GP can get into on glory. Seems like do you wanna come over is going to be the next single, which I think would be a good choice. its def a grower, with each listen I like it more. Anyway my two cents. Just wanted to say there are older people who like brittney to. :)

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