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Radio One replied to me


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Their audience sucks then :leaving:




They aim at an audience that doesnt support pop music? When they are a pop music station, they need to quit talking bullshit

All they do is play the same  song hundreds of times! They literally play " This is what you came for" 4 times per hour( i was stuck in traffic for hours)



why does britney keep giving those bastards interviews? i can't :mj:

Ikr :xcuseme:

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I've been complaining for months to why they don't support Britney 

"As much as we respect her legacy, her music doesn't react well with our audience. We aim at audience with different interests.

Gavin Ford

Radio One Dj"

I'm mad :dontlike:

**** them. I hate that Britney acknowledged their miserable existence. They really don't deserve having her on their stupid radio. :dontlike:

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This should be illegal.

No radio station does this but them. They are so ******* weird.
They just had her do a ******* interview with them for Christ sake.
How does any of this make sense?

So they're allowed to have her talk about herself and her career for up to 10 minutes... and their audience is fine with that, but they're not fine with hearing a 3 minute song by her? Idiots. ******* liars. They need to be overthrown. This is not right and its prejudice.

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