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Anyone think Brit and Riri would perform together?


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Newby here and definitely not trying to start and meltdowns. But has anyone wondered if Brit could potentially join Rihanna during her performance for "S&M", assuming she includes it in her performance. I mean they did release a remix together and it went #1 on BB Hot100. I know it's probably not realistic, but I can see Team B using it as tactic to keep other performs from stealing her thunder. 

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I hope not.

I'm completely fine with Britney presenting the award to Rihanna, but performing together? No. Britney looks uncomfortable whenever she performs with someone, so I'd rather she does it alone. G-Eazy will only be up there for like a minute, and then disappear.

On a related note, Britney should be the one handing out the Video Vanguard award whenever it's being given, and have a say on who deserves it, but she's too humble for that.

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