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Omg so much drama in this era that started a month ago can we stop arguing with each other and stop freaking the **** out over everything we have few days until the album officially drops and the VMAs and carpool karaoke. Can we calm down and just be supported we are starting to act like the bey hive attacking everyone for any little comment. Okay let's all be happy and supportive yall have a nice day bye bye now!

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40 minutes ago, supbrit said:

its not exhell without some drama sis :weusay:

True but it is kinda sad... we had nothing except vegas and Pretty Girl since 3 years and... we are kinda ruining the moment by pushing our expectations too high and complaining because they can't be reached. I know things could have been different... but let's put it that way... in the past month (i am including this week in it) we had more Britney coverage than we had for the pas 2 years, including amazing music. We shall be rejoicing. :kidcries:

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