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Watch A Preview Of Britney's Stint On Carpool Karaoke

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Britney sings "Toxic" with James Corden in a teaser for her upcoming appearance on Carpool Karaoke.

To gear up for her new album release on Friday, Britney is hitting the streets of Los Angeles with Corden to sing some of her biggest hits, including "Toxic," which you can see a bit of below.

In the clip, Corden also asks Britney if her boys have seen Piece Of Me, which pokes a memory from his brain of seeing his mom in her underwear when he was younger. "I can't shake the image from my brain," he said, which results in a friendly slap from Britney and quips: "You're so dirty!"


The "Liar" singer will also reportedly sing "Baby One More Time," "Sometimes," "Stronger" and "Make Me."

Britney's Carpool Karaoke appearance airs on The Late Late Show this Thursday, Aug. 25

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Just now, 0bsessed said:

I don't think they will, everyone knows Brit has lip synced all her career already

On stage yes, but do you seriously think they'd sit back and watch her lip-sync on carpool karaoke? When Michelle Obama, who isn't even a singer, sang live?

She couldn't possible lip this. If she did she might as well just stop recording because she would no longer be considered a singer. (the GP stopped calling her that a long time ago anyway!) She needs to sing and she needs to sing well imo.

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There's no way she'll lipsynch it, that would be such a dumb thing to do.......I mean she sang bits and pieces of things live on the X Factor that's essentially what she'll be doing on CK......I mean they don't sing full songs and I've never seen it so correct me if I'm wrong but don't they sing along to the song??? so she'll essentially have a backing track. 

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