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Liar - Larry?


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2 hours ago, EDM said:

the only time larry and lie should be in a sentence is that no lies were told when he said she hasnt sounded this good in i dont know how long

didn't he say brit was working with a vocal coach for bj(maybe she was but come on, she didn't even have time to record enough vocals.)probably he said it in order to make us believe that myah wasn't singing lead on some songs.and didn't he also say that brit was working with a vocal coach for vegas shows because she was going to sing live?or am ı wrong?but ı'm not making things up, ı really remember he said those things.but yeah, the things he said about glory are all true, ı agree with you on that.ı know you are not talking about the bj era but ı can't get over how they thought that we were that stupid.

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