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Praying For A Good Day

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It's no secret that our queen is heavily medicated... and some days she's horrible on stage, other days she's great, and then some days I see sparks of her real old self and I start to think has she been trolling us this whole time...




honestly I chalk it up to some days she's having a good day and other days she's not, whether mentally or just physically... and I hope that that FIRE shows up at the VMAs.  

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1 minute ago, PieceofBritney said:

I'm not heavily medicated and I have good or bad days.....Are you happy everyday? Don't you ever feel a little depressed? 

Of course I do... and I am being a little tongue in cheek with the original post... but I've always found that there are some days where she performs like someone COMPLETELY different... and I honestly just don't mean energy wise, I feel like it's a completely different dancer/performer.

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