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So Sad

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Isn't it a bit sad so many lonely power bottom flops with no career's can only focus on Britney will sell or being #1.


I think those like that need to find the GLORY in what's happening now.

POM Vegas she doing a show and being steady in her performances also having balance as a mom.

Britney is still making music with GLORY being her best album since Blackout. Yes I think it's way the hell better than Circus, FF, and BJ.

VMA's are this Sunday

Britney will be doing more GLORY promo including I Heart in Vegas.


Like Britney would say, Just Love Me, Just Like Me, and be happy that this woman is still working and that we're lucky enough to still have her to entertain us.

Her body is in great shape, shes been on the straight and narrow so celebrate Britney and enjoy the GLORY of all she does.



Take a chance, let me roll the dice

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