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Celebuzz Review

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I hate this person. He doesn't want to commit to loving the album by including unfounded criticisms like how the album lacks any forward-thinking production, which is not true. 

I also hate that he contextualizes his review by saying that no one expects greatness from Britney anymore. It's rude. 

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They shaded blackout heavy. It's one of her greats and before glory circus one considered one of her greats as well. And they act like she was following the edm/dub step trend in pop music when really she pretty much started it. It's a mediocre review the that doesn't have the facts but atleast they support Glory.

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I think it was a fair review, coming not from a stan but the GP/ pop music listener.

On a few listens now I think he's right, it doesn't really break any new ground in general - but he also said it doesn't sound like she's cashing in on popular sounds to make it relevant (many argued FF did). He also said for Brit its her most experimental so far in that the production and quality of the songs are up there with Blackout and ITZ and that more than anything she sounds present, alive, and in charge.

Sadly, the GP don't expect much from Brit anymore and I think many will initially want to write it off - given the perceived lack of enthusiasm from her for the last two albums. But like the reviewer I think people will be pleasantly surprised with Glory, I mean how many of us were genuinely astounded by how good it sounded and that she actually came through?


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