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Dutch Network Say Britney's New Album has only one Good Song

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5 minutes ago, joey4228 said:

Cook I think, not from the US so I never watched that show tbh. Someone mentioned Archuleta on another site back then when he just had an album out and I was blown away tbh.

I used to watch it pretty often back then, and I honestly thought both of them would have guaranteed bangin' careers no matter what. I don't know what happened.

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2 minutes ago, joey4228 said:

Don't know about Cook but David career is not so bangin' atm. He went on some mormon mission for 2 years. And he's posting on social media about new songs so I hope I'll get new music sometime in the near future:orly:

OH MY GOD he should do The Book Of Mormon on Broadway! I went to Broadway to see it and he would be perfect, and most Mormons aren't offended by it. It's one of the best Broadway shows in recent history and it's soooo funny 


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2 minutes ago, joey4228 said:

I dont know that one. He is into this mormon stuff so who knows tbh. He did the title song for a Mormon movie not too long ago:


Ooomg. Ok. Well The Book of Mormon musical that I was talking about is kinda controversial because it's made by the guys who make South Park, which I'm sure you have prob heard of but if you haven't, it's like the most offensive cartoon ever made (I love it!) but anyway, it's kind of a weird parody of Mormons? But it's totally accurate to their actual beliefs and a lot of serious *** Mormons like it and think it's sweet and a nice, gentle teasing at their religion. It did really well at the Tonys, too. It won some really awesome awards, I think it even won best Musical. 


Since it's a super popular show and it sells out every single show without fail, he could be performing in front of thousands again and still doing Mormon **** but in a really funny way. It would prob be too much for his squeaky-clean image but honestly he looks the part, I know he can probably sing and act the part and it would totally reboot his career if he could get a spot on Broadway when the current lead retires. The current lead has been doing it for years and years...might be time to start hunting!

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Just now, joey4228 said:

I think this might be the problem. I don't think he's up for it. But it sounds like a good plan tbh. As long as I get new songs I approve:orly:


And yeah I watch South Park like daily:hype:

But my flop country (:orly:) keeps playing the same episodes from like the stone age.:sickofu:

That's okay, enjoy them. The newest season got mixed reviews

they're trying to do this thing now where every episode is like, a continuation like a whole season is a story. I didn't mind it too much but a lot of people hated it 


i love trey trey and matt :) they never really make anything that's horribly unfunny to me


and yeah someone needs to rough that David boy up and get him to do work like come on he's still such a little squeaky clean boy lol I CANT BELIEVE IM ONLY LIKE A YEAR OLDER THAN HIM he seems like a child compared to my old jaded ***!

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Just now, joey4228 said:

Cartman and butters are my heroes. David is like Butters tbh:lanacackle:


And mehh, David should stay the way he is, I like his personallity tbh. At least he doesn't act like Justin Bieber........................


Butters is my absolute fave :hype: and yes he is very butters-like.


and yeah Justin biebers personality is garbage :( so sad. He could've been my sugar baby...rofllllllll

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