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Frances Bean Cobain at POM

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3 hours ago, Zulu Spears said:

Nirvana is one of my all-time favorites. So the fact that Kurt-*******-Cobain's DNA was standing in the same venue as Britney Spears has me fangirling hard. ngl. :scalped:

Nirvana is my favourite rock-band :ahhh: she's stanning for a long time!
Also, i remember reading that Sam Lutfi kidnapped her ex-husband...No words for that psycho :madonna:


3 hours ago, Britneybbhmm said:

:idkha: but I heard about ha

father so yeah slay! :yeaok:

that's basically it about her :lanacackle: she's mostly known for her parents, but she seems cool and artistic


3 hours ago, tsss said:

I think Kurt would like Britney too ;)

blackout would slay him as well :brityes:

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