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U guys were so rude to her... honestly

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Well, anyone who bashes her for what she does is NOT a fan. She knows what to do, even if sometimes people don't like it which is legit because she can't impress everyone every single time she performs or introduces new music, but at least she's doing her job the way she thinks it should be done. 

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3 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

You can't compare "Alien" where she is sitting and was a last minute change to "Make Me" where she has a choregraphy. The Make Me performance is bad, it looks like it has been done in ten minutes. They could do WAY better than this.

that's the idea duh... to compare the performances because both are for midtempo songs 

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I want that leotard and those heels gone, throw away the fur coat as well.

It is CLEAR from the rehearsel video that she has a problem moving with heals and leotards (which I am sure are meant for ballerinas) while ur at it, umph up the choreo and I kid u not it WILL be perfect u can see how much she enjoys this spng

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