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Glory isn't the new "In The Zone" or "Blackout"

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I've been listening for 2 days now!! 

I've preordered both the explicit & clean deluxe versions on iTunes, and I preordered it on Vinyl & Psyshical. 

All I can say is that "Glory" exceeds what "In The Zone" & "Blackout" delivered. I don't think it's fair to even compare this album to any of Britney's past discography because it really does stand on it's own as her best work!! Instantly I felt a love for each track and the more I listen instead of me finding tracks I don't like or realizing that my love was just excitement for new music.. It's grown even more on me!! There is so much to this album.. Each song is layered like an onion, with each listen you find a new layer that you love. It's definitely her best vocal work since days gone by and in songs like "Just Like Me" & "What You Need" I think that it holds some of her best professionally recorded vocals of her career! I think that her ability really shines & the production on this album is immaculate!! The music is diverse and you can hear the careful creation in each song. It isn't synth & bass put together like a "hit maker" computer design. The music is crafted, delicate & strong, and there are so many really fantastic tones & effects. 

I am a Stan YEA!! I admit I have had an  incredible amount of excitement for all of the new releases when they were released except for "OOH LA LA" lololol.  I'm going to be honest here and say that I haven't felt so strong about a new album like this EVER!! I am so proud & so confident as a fan to push this album into ppl's faces & force them to listen! I'm proud to blare it with my windows open (even when hot guys are looking lol) 

Glory is really the best title for this album.. It's truly Britney's return to Glory & I'd even go as far to say that it's more of an "Introduction" than it is a "Return" because I think this album offers new parts of Britney that many didn't even know we're there. 

In closing, there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this album.. A troll or hater would be extremely hard pressed to complain about much of anything !! I am so happy !! 



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I'm reserving judgment on whether I think this is my fav album of all time. I'm over stimulated and how can anyone think straight when they're having constant eargasms? But, I think this could be my fav album of hers ever. But, the true measure of that will be how much I listen to it over the coming year in comparison to how much I listened to my previous favs when they first came out. But ****, it's honestly exactly what I needed in my life right now. I am beside myself.

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