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Glory is NOT better than Blackout or In The Zone...

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That's simply incorrect. You wouldn't compare apple pie to Pumpkin would you?

In The Zone was great for its innovation 

Blackout was known for its *** appeal and  fresh new route.

Circus had its variety and poppy

Femme Fatale was catchy

Britney Jean was because Will.I.Am needed to pay his rent. :lanacackle:

Glory is hard work and a showcase of creativity and top notch vocals.

You don't have to say it's better than her previous albums because they all have their special place.

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Live and let live.  No one needs to accept your opinion as truth or validity.  I believe Glory is the best album in her discography because she has proven she still has her art in her heart.  She deserves it.  ITZ and BO have their place and it sits beside Glory. 

Just because people enjoy the album doesn't mean they're putting down the other albums, stop the negativity.

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