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Pluses and minuses of 'GLORY'

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In my opinion. And of course the pluses outweight the minuses :queenflopga:


  • This is her ******* top 3 album. I swear, the Holy Trinity is now complete: In The Zone, Blackout and Glory.
  • Best songs (I mean the totally new songs): Man on the Moon, Just Luv Me, Change Your Mind, Liar and Coupure Electrique.
  • Bonuses are FIRE!!! I love every single bonus, they are amazing.
  • For the first time ever Britney did like an introduction to the album - Invitation. I don't really treat this as a song but more like an intro (something which MC often does). And this is so beautiful.
  • Vocals are very good, way better than FF and BJ.
  • So many original songs which, in my opinion, are not in Britney's style at all. Ofc it's good because it's something new! I think these are: Man on the Moon, Just Luv Me, Slumber Party, What You Need, Change Your Mind (this sounds like a song from the last Ricky Martin album, if you've heard of it I'm sure you will agree), If I'm Dancing and CE.
  • Spanishney and Frenchney scalped me.
  • Actually not a single song is weak or bad. I can't say that I dislike any of the songs tbh.


  • Of course, I would change the tracklist a little bit. I feel like Clumsy, Love Me Down, Hard To Forget Ya and What You Need should be bonus tracks.
  • Bonus tracks should be on the standard version. Better, Change Your Mind, Liar and CE are WAY TO GOOD to be just bonus tracks. 
  • I wish Just Like Me was more chilly. I like the song but I love the guitar at the beginning and I think it would be better if this sound was kept during the whole song.
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Guest ErJ Spears

IA  :queenflopga:

Clumsy, Private Show and DYWCO are all deluxe version worthy and maybe SE, idk, maybe just because it's in French, but it's a lovely song, for sure, I can't believe she did it! :)

Liar is too good to not be on the standard vers., that song is the only one on the album that is HIT, not only single- worthy!

I'm just obsessed with it, team B, please do something, I want it to slay the charts :crying2:

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43 minutes ago, G L O R Y said:

I like his part tbh :queenflopga:

he isn't good, he isn't bad... he's unnecessary? I don't think he contributed to Mm, I just honestly believe Britney got pimped out to promote him. this weak feature didn't even work out in the end because I don't think it would have had any less buzz without him. also I don't like white rappers. :madonna:

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The songs are all very good, vocalney is at her best since Oops!. Soo GP-friendly. 

However, I guess I'm the only one who thinks that but anyway I'm gonna say it, her vocals sound a bit overfiltered in almost all the songs. I wish they had left those brilliant vocals alone tbh. (please don't come at me :blurp:)

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