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Tbh even tho I preordered mine and I'm getting the physical as well what makes Britney so awesome is that she doesn't care about record sales or selling the most. She honestly just wants her fans to love the new music and be proud of the work she's worked hard on. I remember back for the ITZ abc special her and larry were talking about going to #1 and "she's like it's not about being #1 it's about being cool" lol she's humble in that aspect. So chill guys if you're at least buying a copy of the album you did your job supporting the music. What's important is that we love it and enjoy it. Remember sales don't determine if she's #1 she'll always be #1 to US her fans and at the end of the day that's what matters. 

On that note we have a great weekend next week to look forward to. And all I'm saying is Slumber Party and Love me down need to be singles. :makeitrain::werk:

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