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So After Hearing GLORY

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52 minutes ago, anacondamp3 said:

i'm not surprised, no

from the moment she released make me i knew this was gonna be a strong album, plus what she said in her V magazine interview about taking time on it and how it was her baby 

Exactly! Once I heard Make Me I knew that this will be the album she was talking about and wanted to recorded since 2008. :crying1:

Im glad RCA finally allowed her to go that way :bow:

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I will be listening to it when i recieve my preordered physical copy next week, i dont want to jinx my experience anymore with a leak. But when make me and the other songs were released officially, i had a feeling this album was gonna be really good! And you all sound so grateful and positive. So i bet the whole thing will be what i was waiting for since In the zone!

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I am a bit surprised to have the album be this amazing, i wasnt expecting this level of cohesivenes, maturity, and quality and for it to overall be a better body of work than Blackout...Im still questioning it and ill make a better decision with time, as to wether i think its actually better than Blackout. 

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3 hours ago, OCBoy1985 said:

Are you surprised that Glory ******* devours, Circus, Femme Fatale & Britney Jean on all levels imaginable?

 I think this just may be her BEST "body of work to date) It's certainly her most quality album to date!

I totally agree with you :) I am so happy !!!!

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