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I don't get y'all

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First you're melting down bc you feel like the MM video is the worst of her career, ruined the era, etc etc etc...but then you're the first to download the leaks and are all praising the album as her best, should be Grammy nominated, etc.

i hope that if you're listening to the leak, you also pre-ordered the album to contribute to her debut sales. It's not a music video that'll hurt her debut sales and position. It's an album leak a full week ahead of schedule. 


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I've downloaded the leaks. I feel like the true fans are just curious and want to listen. They will obviously purchase the album when it's released. I have already pre-orded the album on itunes and I will be at Target on Friday to purchase my physical copy.

Even though I've downloaded the entire album, I made the personal choice to only listen to one new track. I want to wait.

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Guest Brichney.

The album didn't leak, it is out in Mexico City and some other places. I didn't download it, I just played it from a fan recording online. 

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