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More Promotional Banners Coming!


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More good news guys!

My husband works for Best Buy corporate on the design team, and he received this signage today to send out to all Best Buy stores. He mentioned that Best Buy could possibly even expect the glory album cover banner to be out in select stores as well! The banner promotional push is to be in stores from 09/09/2016 - 10/06/2016. So that is nearly one full month of Brit banners up in stores nationally! She is coming hard for that number 1 guys and wouldn't it be great to have a Britney album STAY #1 on the chart for at very least two weeks?! This GLORY album is the album that deserves that!

2016 will go down as the year of the gift of Ms. Britney Spears that keeps on giving.


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2 hours ago, DirtyMind said:

That's awesome, but why is the banner not going up until Sept. 9th?  The album will have already been out for 3 weeks by then.  

The banner slots are bought by the different record labels for different time periods. So the current banner promotional slot was purchased up through 09/08/2016. So the first open slot for Sony/RCA to purchase promo there would be 09/09/2016.

It could have possibly been timed for the release of the second single off Glory too (but please please don't quote me on that). Any promo is good promo and she is certainly taking over everywhere by the sounds of things!  

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