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7 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

I know Yeah! Beat out Toxic... I mean that song was huge but the video...

Don't even get me started on the 2004 VMAs...what a ******* shitshow.   Britney was the only female nominated for Video of the Year, yet she lost Female Video of the Year?  How does that even make sense? :nydisgust: I'm still bitter about that. 

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2 minutes ago, The_Original_Toy said:

I mean looking at the nominees for this years video of the year award...sorry, hotline bling, and famous don't really deserve it tbh

not sure about formation, never saw the video

but I feel like hello by Adele would win :sickofu:

maybe make me can win next year if all other videos suck? Or the second single's video?


I rooting for Adele, I love her!


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42 minutes ago, ALLEYESONUS! said:

I mean baby one more time, oops, SLAVE, TOXIC? I mean come on, it doesn't make any sense :lessons: 

I mean look at the videos that won. They were bigger names at the time. Except for the Aaliyah win which I always felt was  so they didnt have to pick between Britney and Christina

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4 minutes ago, Margaery Tyrell said:

I cant at Thiefoncé stans on this forum :hype: The embarassment when they defend their faves for deserving those nominations/awards.:hype: She steals writing credits what doesnt stop her from buying awards :hype:



1 hour ago, tsss said:

it's a crime that she didn't have one before 2008 

It really is, like her videos are still iconic to the GP, not just us. It doesn't make sense. I can name a few videos per era, let alone at least just one. :cigney:

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1 hour ago, ALLEYESONUS! said:

that Britney doesn't have more VMA´s. I mean what the ****!? She has some of the most iconic videos of all time, and especially in Pop music :sickofu:


She made the VMAs back in the day, she should have been getting awards for those performances let alone her older videos.

Maybe she doesn't have the best voice so she won't get other awards but music VIDEO awards you'd think we're made for Britney. She should have TONS of awards from them. Those holes.


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