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Each Track Is Taken From A Past Era


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Guest Lord Bills
Just now, KristenWiig said:

Truth is hard to take, lovelies. They're all great tracks. I'm not bashing any of them. 

Femme Autotuned Fatty Fatale = Make Me?  :tiffeyeroll:

log out :madonna:

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IDK if you're serious with this thread but:

MM is definitely not taken from a past era. It fits with the 2015/2016 pop music sound.

Clumsy sounds like a BJ reject or a scrapped song even. But it's good.

PS is also new.

DYWC sounds like a FF song but the producers became famous in 2014 so idt it's a reject either. It's amazing tho. If all the tracks are like this one they can be BOMT rejects for all I care.

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