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'He About To Lose Me' Appreciation Thread

Pretty Boy

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1 hour ago, Margaery Tyrell said:

What :JLostare: She doesnt sing the chorus in EM :JLostare: Receipts? :wontcry:

ı don't have any receipts.ı was curios to know what exhalers think about the song, ı searched "britney exhale early mornin'" or something like that, in some threads people were saying that its chorus was not sung by britney and a backup vocalist was singing lead.it sounds like britney to me, but like ı said, a lot of people said that it was not brit.

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I LOVE THIS SONG!! It stuck out for me on the entire ALBUM!... This should've been a single...NOT CRIMINAL... (along with/after/before inside out)...


3 hours ago, britisthecolor said:

ı agree.same thing with early mornin'.ı don't know why they do that, we listen to britney's songs because we want to hear her voice:nyschool:

:myjam:LOVIN Britney ONLY version :drinky:

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6 hours ago, SequinsForThought said:

YES! My fave from FF. I remember being SO ANGRY when I went to the FF tour, because the show before me she was performing HATLM  with super hot choreography and when I went to see it, it was gone. :tiffsniffle: 

I went to it twice, once in LA and once when I went to Dallas to visit my family. My mom bought me tickets to surprise me.

I was so excited for her to see that song live, didn't shut up about it the whole way there, we got there and it was gone :icant2:


UGH it was so good. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see it in person :tifftear:

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