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Glory needs to debut number 1 in the United Kingdom


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She never had a number 1 album there and she is one of the best sellers of this country :umomg:

So English fans better stream the **** out the album and buy multiple copies :lessons:

It would be fantastic if she is number 1 in the two biggest music markets of the world :ahhh:

Also can anybody make some statistics and say how much albums she needs to sold for getting the number 1 spot ? And how much BJ sold its first week too

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I think your time would be better spent streaming for the US because if the flawless In The Zone couldn't get a #1, then I don't know what could. It's not like she really has anything to prove by getting a #1 there, but a #1 in the US would should just how much of a powerful force she is since it would her 7th.

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