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Rumor: Britney Spears Featuring Justin Bieber On 'Glory' Song "Just Love Me"

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56 minutes ago, BrandonBs said:

I hope this is true!

And LOL at the people who thinks Just flop me sounds like a Selena song hahaha idiots!

JLM is a mid tempo r&b song like many others before good for you.


Kelly rownland and even ciara made songs like that long time ago

So i'm here for a bieber colaboration and the **** lap dance at the VMA'S


Take it back :xcuseme:

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I've never bought a JB record, but don't mind a few of his recent songs.  If it makes sense musically cool.  People will find a reason to judge Britney if they want to, it doesn't matter what she does and as nice as another #1 would be, charts and numbers don't equate success to me.  No matter what is said publically Britney is a legend.  

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