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Rumor: Britney Spears Featuring Justin Bieber On 'Glory' Song "Just Love Me"

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No, no and no. :usher:

Can you imagine the chaos? Justin Bieber featuring on a Britney song which many fans think sounds like a Selena Gomez song. :umwtf:


BTW I really don't give a crap if people think JLM sounds Gomezy, it's a good song and quite frankly Britney can do without a Bieber-feature on this one.:mhm:

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I wish this would happen--a Max Martin produced song by Britney and Justin Bieber..they are the best pop artists tbh. He reminds me of her soo much. Humble beginnings, experimental pop, innocent but bad habits, amazing pop songs, and very public life. And very likeable--they both have massive fanbases.

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I'm not against the idea of Justin being on JLM per se, he would be perfect for it, I simply don't like the fact that this would be her third single in a row in collaboration with somebody else. I'm perfectly fine with MM feat G-Eazy as the first single, but now I feel like her next single should be her song alone. I want her to succeed by herself and prove that she can still do it. But I'm definitely not against it.

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