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Who did the most damage: justin, sam, kevin, paparazzis, haters


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I think it was a combination of lots of things over time. I actually think the thing that finally broke her was the divorce and I don't mean so much because it had anything to do with her not being with Kevin but it split up her family and I think that itself broke her heart. I'm sure she dreamed of her boys getting to grow up in a 2 parent household and I mean Kevin got to have custody of them part of the time imagine having such young little babies and having to give them to someone else on a regular basis and not have them in your home. I don't even blame Kevin he didn't know how much it would hurt her and I imagine she didn't even know just how shitty it would feel when she filed for divorce.  So yeah in short- I think It was her family breaking apart that did the most damage :sickofu:

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Sam.some time ago ı read something...sam was going to someone's birthday party or smt like that and he said that he was going alone and she cried, he was making fun of her but brit was acting like she couldn't live without him.ı don't know if this story is true but ı believe it really happened.he used to hide her dog, her phone, her car's keys...

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Justin - No damage here tbh, he made her have that little dirty image and that she wasn't that innocent, but that came well in her place, cause people started to see her more as a young woman than that sweet america girl (even if in the begging that wasn't with the best reasons) and she was ******* tired of that, of course a lot of personal stuff went trough this, but she kind of brooke a chain all this, and In The Zone era gave her that cherry so she could put in her cake

Kevin - She was happy, the damage here was more for us fans than era tbh, cause he almost made her want to quit her ******* music, cause besides that she was so ******* happy wth her life, and love is blind so at that part i won't judge, she loved the dude, simple

Sam - This was damage, this monster almost killed her, Justin and Kevin are normal people, this guy is a demon, all the medication, *****, Alcohol, this is the only person that i would have no probleme to do some dirty justice with my hands for her

Papz - It's Media, it's Hollywood, is not something we can be in shook, it sucks when you want privacy but when you got fame, you gotta deal with

Haterz - They help sometimes lol, if people don't hate you at some point, then you're not doing something right with your life

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I say Justin because he was the one that changed her path to the one leading to the breakdown. He started this chain of events like dominoes.

If he hadn't gone and sold her out to the media the way he did, the GP wouldn't have turned on her, the paparazzi therefore wouldn't have hounded her on the level that they did. The break up with justin + her aunt dying + her parents divorce + the paparazzi is what lead her to self-destruct. It's why she married jason alexander in vegas to try to get away from it all. She was seeking support and safety and she wanted her own family like she had planned with Justin. That's why she rebounded with Kevin and thought he was the real deal and she also wanted to rub it in Justin's face. Too much, too quick. Their divorce just worsened things but it wasn't the cause. Poisonous people like Sam saw that she was weakened and took their chance to take advantage of her. But he also wasn't the cause. 

Now imagine if Justin and Britney had stayed together. She was the happiest with him. He'd protect her from the paparazzi when they went out on dates. I think if they stayed together in some alternate time line, he would've helped her cope with the loss of her aunt and her parent's divorce. She maybe never would've been set down the path she was. 

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