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HOnestly, MM MV killed the song...

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Just now, openwatersurfer said:

Tbh I don't think that even a VMA performance could turn the song into a HIT. Yes it would help but we need constant and consistent promo :sickofu:

You don't need a consistent promo. She only need a Viral Performance. Like all her performances in the VMAs. Just 1 performance that all the media talk about for 1 month. 

She can delivered, she do it in the BBMA but that it's not enough. She need the controversy thing, and I don't think she uses that card anymore like she used in her all previous VMAs performances 

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3 minutes ago, bernie said:

Drake's One dance song doesn't have a video nor a proper live perfomance and it's the song of the year....so


i'm just enjoying and appreciating this era so much...you'll in the future when she take a break.



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