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You gus do know that Britney did not like Femme Fatale

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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

Something was off that era. The promo and tour was :orly:

The music and videos is still solid though. Ppl can hate all they want. :chershade:


Something was definitely off that era ... I mean clearly she wasn't in the best place from about 07/14 ... Thank God for Jesus she's in a much much better place mentally, physically & spiritally ... She really looks the best she has ever & I am so glad she got over w/e it was ... Lots of stars dont get pass it look at Prince, MJ, Whitney, Amy, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger ... I mean the list goes on.

The vids were great as was some songs but a lot of the songs was nothing more than fillers I.E. Trouble, DKMW, Gasoline, DDB/SIWAK (Love both those songs but they would've flop as singles) Criminal (It should've been Inside Out or Up N Down)

I mean as a whole body of work Femme Fatale is lack luster and not that great TBH ... beside the singles & maybe 2/3 other songs 

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1 hour ago, Derek08 said:

She likes the album. Ther direction was always the plan. The other album was purely a rumor . She worked with max two years before the album came out

She pretty much confirmed those rumors with one of her recent interviews ... Where she says she's been trying to make a more Hip Hop/R&B album for a while now 

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2 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

 I see you guys praising this album and wanting something more like it, but not remembering that was not the album that Britney wanted.  There's a  reason why she only performs the second and third single nowadays.

I don't understand why someone downvoted you. It's obvious her label made her release Femme Fatale and completely changed her vision of the album. I can't bring myself to like Femme Fatale because it's clear Britnry was not happy with it.

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2 hours ago, COCKy™ said:

She called it her best work she's ever done.

She went on a world tour with the album.

And it's my favorite piece of work of hers.

GURLBYE. :tiffsmoke:

God Martin produced it. Femme Fatale was her last success worldwide album, with 3 iconic top 10 singles on BB100. (none of her albums achieved that)
Femme Fatale remains FLAWLESS. After that and BJ shitty era, GP forgot her, it's the true. 

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