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I just showed my mom the new music

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My sister likes Britney but hasn't been a huge fan of her music.. She never could get into it & in large part to the pitch of her voice... She would piss me off yelling "STOP BLARING THE NAILS ON THE CHALKBOARD" 

Anyways.. She was super surprised she loves "Make Me".. She doesn't like "Private Show" but she really likes "Clumsy" & in fact said that it's the only song where Britney isn't "breathy" that she actually thinks she sounds good :)

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44 minutes ago, MANDIXMX said:

Dead me too :lanacackle: my mom is always like "wow her boys are so big! seems like just yesterday they where born! she seems like a really good mom!"

I'm just like, "Britney and ha kids just got back from Hawaii. We've never been before, though, mom :tiffeyeroll:"

nnnnnn :riha:

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sound like my mom and a little my dad...ive heard that for 18 years now :NYheadache: i dont even play new music for them anymore, lol... i live by myself tho but i were at my moms when MM got released she asked if it was good and i said its amaaaaazing, but i was thinking no way i play this masterpiece for you to point out that same old **** :bpo: :chershade:

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