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Alleged Leaked Production Notes Claim Lady Gaga Will Open The VMAs With New Song "Chaos Angel"

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Will Lady Gaga kick off the 2016 VMAs with a new song titled "Chaos Angel?"


Will Lady Gaga kick off the 2016 VMAs with a new song titled "Chaos Angel?"

If this purported production draft is anything to go by, then Mother Monster has her sights set on a huge return come August 28. Deciphering through the lo-res copy, it appears Gaga will take the stage at the start of the night and perform a song titled "Chaos Angel."

We can't confirm whether or not the sheet is real, however fans are claiming it originated from 22 Degrees, a professional television and live event lighting company.

The timing is extremely curious, considering it's rumored Gaga will drop her lead LG5 single in the next 30 days.

There's also a rumor Britney Spears is opening the show as well.

Where there's smoke there's fire! Or in this case... chaos.

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2 minutes ago, Hispanicney said:

It's not true. I dont understand why Jordan continues to post rumors as "news". 

Because he is posting everything that is related to Stefani Germanotta... and every event she is slightly figuring into becomes a Lady Gaga news like if she was the main act.

(Btw... Chaos angel... what a dumb pretentious Title..)

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3 minutes ago, germanguy20 said:

I don't think so. I just read that she is now filming the new season of American horror story, so I doubt she has the time to

prepare for promo, a performance and everything that comes with it:dontlike:

The season should be almost done filing by now. It starts like 2 weeks after VMAs. She's also not the main character like last season. 

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