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So Make Me Official Video Hopes are officially dead??

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I mean. She in that "super exclusive huge Interview" :gimmemoar::HAHAHA:


The video was definitely very fun to make, and I’m really happy with it. One thing that is really great about this video is that it shows you not take everything so seriously… and that our lives, friendships, and careers should always be fun!

So if she is happy with it, I think that LQ scene are the unique thing we are getting of the David Version. 

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Just now, Sergio said:

Don't think so babe.

Wait till album release and VMA :cigney:

<img alt=":cigney:" data-emoticon="" src="http://exhalecdn.breatheheavy.com/uploads/emoticons/ciigney.gif" title=":cigney:" />

The VMAs thing it's not official yet. I don't want another meltdown, so my hope are low about the VMAs

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3 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

We should wait untill 2019

Yeah, maybe for B12 (which probably would be a dance class audio) they will leak the "real MM explicit version", which turns out to be another very limited and edited video, just like they did with the "real gimme more video" some years ago, which only includes Britney in the bed, nothing about the snakes or the funeral :(.... shame.. :sickofu:

Well.. lets hope for something good for the album release we need redemption #MMRedemption Britney!!

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Guest Lord Bills
28 minutes ago, srestr said:

Let's just get over it now







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i just don't understand why she couldn't at least address the previous one. like say something like "i had an original concept that ended up getting scrapped' or SOMETHING but they're ignoring it completely and i am NOT THE ONE 


this also keeps my hopes up that this is all staged ("i have no idea when the album is coming out" teas).



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