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Clip Of Britney Discovering Ryan Seacrest Is Not Gay Goes Viral

Jordan Miller

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That awkward moment when the Princess of Pop assumes you're gay but you're not and it's all caught on tape.

In 2013, Britney sat down with Ryan Seacrest and her then-BFF (sigh) Will.I.Am to discuss all things Britney Jean, and in the process created a moment that wouldn't begin making the rounds for a couple years. A moment where Britney learned Ryan Seacrest is not gay. A moment where Britney realized all the hugs and kisses on the cheek she granted Seacrest was for someone heterosexual. Not gay.


Look, it's been a rough couple of days since the "Make Me" video premiere, so let's all indulge in something silly, yea?

Via Buzzfeed

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