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Britney Posts Topless Photo From Hawaiian Getaway

Jordan Miller

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Guest Supernova.
21 minutes ago, violentviolets said:

Your *** probably looks like a dozen golfballs hit it with all that cellulite you fat *****.




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To the people who are bringing up the "I'm a mom now" and "too ****" stuff, do you realise there's a difference between someone else portraying her in a ****** way and her expressing herself? This picture is on her terms, like the other Instagram vids/pics, POM performances etc. 


Anyway, she looks amazing and confident

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14 minutes ago, violentviolets said:

So unless you have the balls to post a photo of your filthy ***, shut the **** up and go make another joke about blind people but then complain about how some people use the term Salsa Guacamole here. And don't forget to complain about how I'm bullying you again, I know you love to do that. Little disgusting cu.nt.


That's right. See that ***. Only if you 18+ :kisses2all:

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Guest ErJ Spears
47 minutes ago, Supernova. said:

Matureney! Anyway, the pic is really unflattering. Looks like a grandmas butt lol 


******* pig gtfoh :JLostare:

u deserve to be banned for this, @GretchenSpears got banned for bashing Brit as well.

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2 minutes ago, violentviolets said:

She won't post a picture of her face let alone her *** because she's an ugly cu.nt with a FUPA+cottage cheese ***. :bey:

She'll gladly sit on her secondhand recliner chair and assess Britney's body though. :bey:


Are you willing to do the same tho? 18+ only.



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