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Rolling Stone: RCA officially scrapped the original video


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3 minutes ago, NiceSpears said:

Rolling Stone is reliable in the first place, and it looks like they're quoting RCA. 

This should be put up on the main site! 

Especially if it's true and people have been attacking Britney over this.

Rolling Stone is quoting the online petition that wanted the ORIGINAL VIDEO. RCA HASNT SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE VIDEO. We don't know who's mess this is.

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4 minutes ago, If U Seek Me said:

I think RCA is trying to do some damage control.

But I doubt they are the ones who decided to cancel the release of the original video.

They are money makers and they would never throw away $2,000,000 like Team Britney just did!


Interscope canceled DWUW tho

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